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Global University is a high quality educational institution established in 1992 to provide students with superior education and a chance at becoming leaders in today's global market at a reasonable cost.

Global University

The University is officially recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education (Presidential Decree 2067 / 99).


    The university aims to become a world class, internationally recognized, esteemed, and sought-after institution that promotes and develops distinguished elements, academic solutions, and quality education for a knowledge based society.


    Global University is committed to providing its students with diverse educational knowledge along with practical experience to equip them with the necessary tools to compete in today's global society. The University integrates innovative technologies into the learning process, provides students with counseling, career advising, and promotes lifelong learning.

  • President's letter

    "Dear Students,
    I am honored to be serving as the President of Global University. The time since my confirmation has proven to be both busy and enlightening. One thing remains abundantly clear- Global University is poised for greatness.
    Throughout the past years, Global University has been developing, improving, and meeting the needs of our diverse and dynamic region, and many parts of the globe. Today, Global University is intimately connected to the global community and increasingly recognized by our peers as a leading comprehensive university.....
    Dr. Adnan Traboulsi
    Global University

  • Quality
    Smart Education

    Global University has developed an advanced Quality Education System based on continuous assessment and feedback collection for student information retention and instructor performance. The system is supervised by a Quality Manager who has access to academic and administrative authorities. Academic non-conformance forms are issued and tracked, Global University's IT Department developed an innovative system for the designing and operating of electronic tests, within a global course framework designed completely by Academic Affairs. Each student benefits from immediate feedback after the completion of an E-Test based on the objectives of each course. Consequently, the learning process is thorough and personalized. Global University dared to take a very high academic risk: accept weaker students who are willing to improve. By utilizing the Academic Quality System, E-Test Engine, Mentorship, Focus Groups, Collaborative Learning, Personalized Assistance and a powerful remedial system, Global University staff does indeed get the best out of each student. Thus: our students are confident and successful.

  • Technology

    Students are given different opportunities to utilize the latest technology. Equipped with LCD screens - user friendly - and a gigabit network supported by several application servers, our labs are open 24x7 with online internet access and licensed software available for all registered students.
    Global University, computer labs are not only utilized for tutoring technical classes, but are also used as a major testing facility. The student takes his electronic tests, after which the results will be immediately available at the instructor's workstation in his office. The E-Test system provides the link between academics and quality management system that all work within a huge integrated custom developed Global University MIS application.

  • Campus Information

    Doha Campus
    Batrakiyyeh Campus

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