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Academic Fees for the current year

Amounts in US Dollar

Course Description Amount/credit
ENG020 50 $
ENG024 50 $
ENG105 60 $
Faculty of Health Sciences 90 $
Faculty of Administrative Sciences 85 $
Information Technology 110 $
Computer Sciences 110 $
Faculty of Administrative Sciences Lab Courses 180 $
Faculty of Literature & Humanities 85 $
PHD Arabic 150 $
Masters of Arabic Literature 120 $
Masters of Education 120 $
Masters of Business Administration 120 $
Teaching Diploma 85 $
NUR hospital Practicum Courses 120 $
PT hospital Practicum Courses 120 $
NTR 490 Practicum course or depending on the hospital fees 120 $

Other Fees for the current year

Amounts in US Dollar

Type Terms of payment Amount
Application Fee Once 50 $
Registration & Technology Fee - undergrad Every Semester - Summer 50 $
Registration & Technology Fee - undergrad Every Semester - Fall & Spring 100 $
Registration & Technology Fee - grad Every Semester - Summer 50 $
Registration & Technology Fee - grad Every Semester - Fall & Spring 100 $
Changing Major Fee 50 $
Graduation fee Once 100 $
Transcript fee Upon request 5 $
Certificate Fee Upon request 2 $

Method of Payment

  • Please note that among the academic fees and expenses, basic registration, tuition, facilities, and experiment and practical training fees are subject to change from year to year based on a sliding scale system as stipulated in the University Rules and Regulations. The standard for the rate of increase is based on the slide rate (the rate of increase of the salary of national government employees as announced in the National Personnel Authority's annual salary recommendations in the previous year, etc.).
  • Tuition and other fees are payable at the beginning of each semester.
  • Students wishing to pay on an installment basis should fill a deferred payment form. Upon acceptance, the student signs a contract of deferred payment. The due dates are set automatically.
  • Students with unfulfilled financial obligations to the University will not receive transcripts, degrees or other documents until their accounts are settled.


  • Upon acceptance, student pays 20% of the semester tuition in order to reserve classroom seat. This advance payment is not refundable.
    Failure to pay the initial deposit within 3 weeks from the issuance date of the acceptance letter can cause the loss of the student's priority in the registration for courses and class sections.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

  • If a student withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, refund of tuition fees will be made according to the following schedule of withdrawals:
  • Undergraduate:
    o   100% of fees are refunded before and during Drop and Add.
    o   After the Drop/Add period no refunds are given.
    o   No refund of fees in the summer session.
  • Graduate and Special Students:
    o No refund is available.

  • Financial Aid amount and approval is subject to the evaluation of the financial committee and to the need and available funds .Financial aid applications are available at the admissions office.

  • For top students, up to 80% of tuition based on:
    o   BACC II / BT3 official scores
    o   School Grades - last 3 years
    o   Electronic Placement Tests (English + Math or Chemistry & Biology)

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