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Our university's Registrar's Office Directorate has been established towards fulfilling the purpose of carrying out student-related procedures in a centralized manner.The fundamental principle of our unit is to deliver high quality, prompt and secure services provided in line with the academic calendar.
Our Directorate follows up student-related information and procedures, and provides relevant services, ranging from the first-time registration procedures to graduation. Alongside the said support, the unit also provides supportive services to academic and administrative staff members. Specific services delivered by our unit are as follows:

  • Carrying out the admission and registration procedures of all students who have gained the right for registration at our university,

  • Admission procedures of international students

  • Day-to-day student-related services (e.g. preparation of student documents and transcripts)

  • Student ID card procedures

  • Military Deferment Procedures of Male Students

  • Scholarship procedures

  • Internship procedures

  • Double major and minor program procedures

  • Transfer procedures (Vertical/Horizontal /Internal)

  • Cancellation of registration

  • Termination of registration

  • Leave of absence procedures (freezing registration)

  • Graduation procedures

  • Preparation and application of the academic calendar

  • Processing exam scores

  • Diploma procedures

  • Preparation of statistical information

Our unit also regularly carries out official corresponding, both within and outside the university, about our students and other academic issues. Our unit has Liaison Offices carrying out the admission and registration procedures in Lebanon.

Useful Information

Registrar Policies

  1. • Students wishing to add/drop courses during the add and drop period should report to the Registrar's Office to get their updated registration form.

  2. • Applicants, who have taken courses in other universities and want them to be transferred, should fill a Course Transfer application form and forward it to the registrar.

  3. • Withdrawn courses may be re-activated at the discretion of the instructor only. The re-activation request form may be obtained from the registrar office.

  4. • All disciplinary actions listed below will be recorded in the student's permanent record at the registrar's office and shall appear on the student's transcript.


As answers to your questions concerning Registration, please directly reach out to Global University Registrar Office. The contact details for the Registrar office are as follows:

Global University
Batrakiyeh Street, Beirut - Lebanon
Ph: (+961) 1358058 - ext.4047

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